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Wine is one of my life’s pillar

According to our Oenologist and Director, Elsa Ubis García, winemaking is all about balance. Her sensitive presence is felt at every stage of the winemaking process at Marqués del Puerto, from vineyard to cellar.

Since joining the team in 2008, she has focused on enhancing our collection’s aromas to include a range of notes, some of which include sweet candies, spices and mature black fruit. As she says, “There is always something fascinating to worth with here in La Rioja.” She crafts our wines, studies the grapes and organizes the harvests to capture the very best of what the region has to offer, in close collaboration with all our winemaking team along the way.

“Wine is one of my life’s pillar,” she says. “It is what I am passionate about.” She regularly interacts with the winegrowers and visits the vineyards, listening to the natural world and transforming it into wine. “It is up to us to observe, taste and transform what nature has offered us into the best wine possible.”

Indeed, one of her greatest enological contributions at Marqués del Puerto has been to enrich the complexities of our Reserva and Gran Reserva wines in recent years, elaborating smooth, velvety sensations in the mouth. “Oenology,” she says, “is a real science. You have to understand things in order to improve them.”