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Hand-picked at just the right moment
Owing to our location in La Rioja, the principal grape variety we use to elaborate our wines is the delicate Tempranillo; a grape with moderate tannins, ideal for ageing wines. Even so, we love to blend, and use a range of local grapes in our elaborations to craft the most expressive wines possible.

For example, the Garnacha complements with aromas and body, while the Mazuelo offers a fresh mouthfeel and enriches through color, as well as being a wonderful variety to include in wines that will be aged for long periods of time. The Viura, one of La Rioja’s white grape varieties, is what gives our wines their fresh and floral character.

We handpick almost all of our grapes and time each harvest to benefit the style of wine that we want to create. Early grapes give rise to fresh, fruity wines with floral aromas. Grapes that are given more time to mature further on the vines acquire the necessary strength to endure long periods of time, aging in our barrels. Experts at listening to the land, we use everything we know and love about La Rioja to guide us towards the well-rounded balance we desire.