Only pioneers leave a mark

Our story begins with a close-knit circle of friends who dreamed of elaborating a wine that they simply loved to taste. Passionate about Spanish culture they came together every Saturday evening to taste and enjoy wine, leaving traces of their nocturnal adventures in wine-stained rings on the table. Local businessmen, they were also united by a pioneering spirit and a flair for discovering the most expressive terroir and vines. In fact, when La Rioja was officially recognized as a Denomination of Origin, their instincts told them that La Rioja would be the new sub-region for premium winemaking in Spain.

1972 - 2022 50th anniversary

So in 1972 they set about the intrepid task of founding one of the very first wineries in the region they trusted in: La Rioja. Friends with one of the members of the group, the Marqués del Puerto endorsed the winery with his royal seal. Round, solid and crimson, it offered just the right amount of influence needed to turn their pioneering idea into an inspiring reference for Spanish winemaking in La Rioja.

And as the years passed, their innovative spirit began to shine through, allowing them to develop a new taste profile in La Rioja; one which remained deeply connected to the land and to Spanish winemaking traditions. They selected the people they wanted to work with and dedicated themselves to establishing long-term relationships, with a focus on creating balanced, fresh and fruity wines that never compromised on quality. Merging past with future, traditional craftsmanship with modern style, they believed that… only pioneers leave a mark.