Our Bodega

Our winery is a symbol for high-quality winemaking and local tradition in La Rioja. Founded by a team of local Riojanos, it is an established name that carries weight in the winemaking world. Since the very first harvest we have valued quality over quantity, crafting relatively small quantities of very special and personal wines.

We adopt a very intimate approach that gives our team complete control over the winemaking process at each and every stage. A small and dedicated team, our focus is the singular nature of our craftsmanship. Our Oenologist personally selects our vineyards for their limited production and sunny, airy climates. She maintains a close relationship with the wine growers and the rest of the winery’s team, encouraging each and every member to adopt a personalized, ensemble approach to the elaboration of high quality wines with character.

Located within the Qualified Denomination of Origin Rioja, Bodega Marqués del Puerto is situated in Fuenmayor, in the heart of La Rioja Alta, Spain. Our wines benefit greatly from our privileged geographical location and our close connection to the Ebro River. With the cooling climate and fresh winters of the Pyrenees Mountains, combined with the distinctive Mediterranean influences that roll in from the nearby sea, we are able to elaborate wines that are a true reflection of the very best of La Rioja terroir.

Descubre nuestro proceso de creación del vino

Staying true to a unique wine philosophy

We are Marqués del Puerto: a young generation of wine producers dedicated to creating wines with personality, prioritizing quality to meet the expectations of our loyal consumers. We are committed to pure flavor empowering the terroir of La Rioja.

The road has made us advocates of the contemporary wine lifestyle; a style that proposes more than just wine. We follow the philosophy of a unique must, focused on the production of personal wines, guided by experience and the people who make up the team. Encouraged by our roots, we give all our efforts to connect with consumers who seek authenticity in La Rioja, merging traditional manufacturing with modern style.

As if it were a handwritten letter, with a delicate and personal calligraphy, we managed to convey emotions without saying a word. The love of a job well done speaks for us and defends our philosophy.

Natural artistry, complemented by modern innovation

At Marqués del Puerto we are inspired by balance. We are attracted by the combination of artisanal traditions and innovative techniques, especially when this complementary blend gives way to an improved wine that transmits something of our Spanish culture. It is a question of organic sensibility mixed with modern learning, translating into a constant exploration of new tastes.

Even so, wine is, for us, all about nature, which is why we only incorporate modern ideas that respect the environment and make use of natural winemaking elements, including tannins, yeast, barrel and cork. We are loyal to the use of natural cork and elaborate the majority of our wines so that they will improve over time, aging in both oak barrels and bottles.

Our grapes

Hand-picked at just the right moment

Owing to our location in La Rioja, the principal grape variety we use to elaborate our wines is the delicate Tempranillo; a grape with moderate tannins, ideal for ageing wines. Even so, we love to blend, and use a range of local grapes in our elaborations to craft the most expressive wines possible.

For example, the Garnacha complements with aromas and body, while the Mazuelo offers a fresh mouthfeel and enriches through color, as well as being a wonderful variety to include in wines that will be aged for long periods of time. The Viura, one of La Rioja’s white grape varieties, is what gives our wines their fresh and floral character.

We handpick almost all of our grapes and time each harvest to benefit the style of wine that we want to create. Early grapes give rise to fresh, fruity wines with floral aromas. Grapes that are given more time to mature further on the vines acquire the necessary strength to endure long periods of time, aging in our barrels. Experts at listening to the land, we use everything we know and love about La Rioja to guide us towards the well-rounded balance we desire.

Our barrels

It is a question of finding the natural balance

One of the most differentiating aspects of our barrels is that we store them underground. Going back to the origins of the winemaking tradition of La Rioja, when the wine was aged and preserved in holes in the ground, Marqués del Puerto is one of the few wineries in La Rioja that ages all its Reserva and Crianza wines underground, where the Optimum temperature and humidity levels (80%) are naturally maintained. That is the reason why our wines age with a natural character and in a way that respects the environment.

We use our barrels to obtain a natural balance and highlight the character of the local grape varieties of La Rioja, in particular the friendly Tempranillo.

Each barrel is selected to complement the style of wine we want to create and are used for a maximum of 6 years. We use the oldest barrels and American oak barrels to make the smoothest wines in our collection. Our most robust wines; the Reserva and Gran Reserva have proven to age best in new French oak barrels.